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W5911 Forest Rd. Black Creek, WI 54106

Who is Cozy Country Pet Care LLC?

Christie & Family

Christie and her family (17 year old daughter, Shayla, and wife, Beth) have many years experience with animals and have a zoo of their own; 2 playful dogs, 5 cool cats, 2 bearded dragons, macaw, horses and axolotls too! Our pets are used to dogs coming and going and love having new friends to play with! We are excited to announce that we’ve finally found our country home as well! Plenty of space for dogs to run and play!

Why choose Cozy Country Pet Care LLC?

We offer an in home, laid back, relaxed comfort for your pets. If you choose to board with us, your dog(s) will be able to enjoy the comforts of home while staying with us. We open our home to them as if they were our own; a home environment allows your dog(s) to relax OUTSIDE of a cage or kennel and puts them (and you!) at ease. PLUS, with smaller groups, the risk of your pet bringing home unwanted illness or disease is lower than traditional kennels. We promise to keep you in the loop with regular photos, texts and updates throughout your pet’s stay with us.

If you choose drop-in visits for your pet, we’ll follow our same promise to keep your pets comfortable and happy. Each visit will be 20-30 minutes minimum and will be followed with a text message and photo(s) updates. As pet lovers, we understand how important it is to know how they are doing and to know that they are in good hands.

Your fur babies will get nothing but the best while they are with us and we cannot wait to meet you both!

How does Cozy Country Pet Care LLC know all dogs will get along?

This is a GREAT question! We require a meet and greet to ensure your dog will get along with ours and see how your pet will do with our cats as well. This gives us a chance to view your dog’s behavior in a different environment with strange people and other animals. If any signs of aggression are shown; from EITHER side, we will politely decline the request. We fully understand the difference between aggression and play, but also know that some dogs just don’t show any issues until it’s too late or the right “trigger” is discovered.

Though we do everything in our power to ensure we only mix dogs that we feel would be a good match, sometimes, things just don’t work out that way. We are insured so if something were to happen, after a $250 deductible covered by the pet parent, all other expenses are covered. That being said, minor injuries from play are expected; scratches, a torn toe nail, a bite mark on the ear, are all normal play, especially when they start to get over excited. Cozy Country Pet Care will monitor all play and when it seems to be getting too rough, everyone gets separated for a little “breather or down time”.

What breed or size restrictions does Cozy Country Pet Care LLC have?

NONE! We understand that a dog’s temperament has nothing to do with it’s breed or it’s size. We will take all breeds and all sizes as long as they pass our initial meet and greet and meet our other requirements.

What do we need to bring with our pet?

We ask that you provide plenty of food for their stay and treats if you’d like. Please provide the food in individual baggies or include the scoop you use to measure your pet’s serving size. DO NOT bring bowls, bed, toys, etc. as it can cause a territorial concern for other dogs in the home. We provide all of that for you so you don’t have to! If this is your pet’s first stay with us, we require proof of vaccination records as well to be kept on file for 1 year.

What age dogs will Cozy Country Pet Care LLC accept?

We will do boarding for any dog 6 months and older. We do require them to be FULLY house trained by the time they stay with us (puppy pad training is unfortunately not accepted).

Does Cozy Country Pet Care LLC have a contract/agreement?

For the safety of your pets, ours and us too, we have an agreement that all clients agree to by signing up for care with us. You may review this agreement at any time here.